Contact strategy and campaign delivers lead generation for Working Links

Our data-driven telemarketing contract strategy, creative campaign and marketing framework enabled Work Programme contractor Working Links to hit its lead generation target and provided the platform for future marketing activity.

The client

Dedicated to improving people’s lives through employment, training and skills development, Working Links is a prime contractor delivering the government’s Work Programme in England, Scotland and Wales. Its work spans areas that include welfare to work, justice services and young people’s services.

Their requirement

Working Links was awarded major contracts to reduce ex-offenders’ re-offending in the UK by providing careers advice, training and skills development and by helping them find work on their release. We were tasked with developing a marketing and telemarketing model that would engage with potential employers to find vacancies. Our model also had to be able to be rolled out across other contracts and programmes.

What we delivered

Having researched a data strategy for targeting sectors that would be receptive to recruiting ex-offenders, we created a contact strategy for Working Links’ new telemarketing operation, a messaging framework and a creative campaign theme designed to challenge employers’ perceptions of recruiting ex-offenders. Our theme revolved around our insight that ex-offenders have a point to prove to society – making them excellent employees – and so employers taking them on will actually be giving their business a boost. This creative theme was used to underpin a range of sales enablement activities, including a script and conversation map for telemarketing, emails, a customer-facing presentation, a leave-behind leaflet, door drop materials plus a format and structure for events.

The impact

The campaign helped Working Links achieve its telemarketing objectives for appointments made for recruitment specialists to visit potential employers. It also helped develop a successful contact strategy model for Working Links that has since been rolled out to other government contracts and programmes. The campaign further provided Working Links’ Justice Division with a platform for future campaigns communicating how employers can help reduce re-offending by ex-offenders and boost their business through giving them a chance to prove themselves.