Awareness campaign delivers market-leading positioning for marine specialists Kelvin Hughes

When new legislation created a new business opportunity for navigational and surveillance experts Kelvin Hughes, we created an integrated campaign that built brand awareness and generated leads.

The client

Kelvin Hughes are leading global providers of marine equipment, navigational solutions and surface surveillance radar systems. They have been at the forefront of their field for more than 250 years, supplying advanced solutions and services around the globe – both at sea and on land.

Their requirement

Kelvin Hughes have a strong background in supplying equipment and solutions for the marine industry. With the release of new International Maritime Organisation (IMO) regulation concerning the introduction of electronic chart displays, a significant opportunity – with a potential market of over 40,000 ships – arose for Kelvin Hughes. Our brief was to position them as the go-to supplier in this market.

What we delivered

We developed a mnemonic which highlighted the issues created by this regulation and positioned Kelvin Hughes as the one-stop solution. This was rolled out across an integrated campaign that encompassed awareness building, lead generation and face-to-face events.

The impact

We positioned Kelvin Hughes as one of the top providers of Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) in the marketplace. The company continues to convert ship owners to their solutions and we went on to support Kelvin Hughes in a full corporate re-branding exercise.