New brand architecture for EMAP clarifies customer journeys

We helped EMAP rationalise two key product portfolios within its media and marketing division, delivering a clearer hierarchy, an improved customer journey and preparing the path for transitioning products from paper to digital.

The client

EMAP owns industry-leading brands that sit at the heart of B2B communities such as Retail, Health, Construction, Architecture, and Fashion. Its BRAD Insight offering delivers business intelligence to the media and marketing industry.

Their requirement

BRAD Insight’s two flagship products: ALF (a business development contact book) and BRAD (a media planning tool) both had a lot of currency – and affection – across the media and advertising industry. But both brands were facing several challenges: a confused brand hierarchy (the parent brand was BRAD Insight, yet BRAD itself was just one part of the portfolio); a confused customer journey due to the presence of multiple, lesser-known brands; and a move from paper to digital. There was a need to review and refine the brand architecture and develop new naming conventions.

What we delivered

Our solution leveraged the positive brand equity across both the ALF and BRAD offerings to create distinct portfolios. This included creating a naming convention that clarifies the relationship between the different portfolio products. We also created positioning propositions for each level of the brand portfolios. Once the proposed brand framework, names and propositions were approved, we designed new logos and applied these to the design of dedicated web pages and product data sheets.

The impact

The result was a brand architecture that leverages the equity of two well established brands but presents a more tangible product portfolio and a clearer customer journey. Sales teams can now explain more clearly and convincingly the price point differences between the various products in the portfolios. Plus, the two flagship products were able to move from print to digital whilst maintaining and growing market share.