Targeted campaigns drive subscriptions for CCH's Accountancy titles

We helped specialist tax and accounting solutions-provider CCH drive subscriptions to their Accountancy and Accountancy Live titles through targeted propositions, direct mail and advertising.

The client

CCH is a global provider of information, software and services to tax and accounting professionals. Accountancy is the leading monthly UK magazine for accountants, providing insight and analysis of the major issues affecting the profession. AccountancyLive provides a rich online experience with in-depth analysis and comment by industry experts plus a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) tracking tool.

Their requirement

When Accountancy’s long-tenured position as the official publication of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) was coming to an end, CCH faced the potential loss of 155,000 subscribers who had been receiving the magazine as part of their membership – and subsequently a significant impact on controlled circulation. CCH needed an aggressive campaign that would persuade ICAEW members to start paying for a product that was previously free and about to be replaced by a new, free alternative.

What we delivered

With CCH having re-designed and re-launched Accountancy, we developed a campaign that achieved cut through with a 4-page false cover for ICAEW members, supported by a series of in-magazine ads. The campaign used a typographic approach that allowed us to communicate in a very direct way with the target audience. It promoted the unique value offered by Accountancy compared to ICAEW’s replacement magazine – namely, Accountancy’s independence, long-standing expertise and unrivalled technical content.

A few months on, we helped CCH promote the launch of its digital offering – AccountancyLive – through advertising, email and inserts within the magazine and CCH books.

We later developed a strategy to drive subscriptions via controlled circulation, segmenting the audience into practices and businesses to develop tailored propositions and messaging.

The impact

The ICAEW campaign received praise across the business, in particular from the editorial team, for the way in which it captured the ethos and uniqueness of the magazine. It achieved a good conversion rate within the first few issues, given the extremely ambitious objective of competing with a free competitive offering from a brand with which prospects had a strong connection.

The controlled circulation campaign succeeded in delivering a more tailored, relevant message to key audience segments, and served as a strong platform from which the sales team could focus follow-up efforts.