BNY Mellon tactical direct mail ISA campaign

When investment manager BNY Mellon wanted to persuade existing and prospective customers to invest in their ISA, we delivered a tactical direct mail campaign that generated £700,000 in ISA investments.

The client

A complex business with a number of different divisions and audiences, BNY Mellon is a leading global investments company that helps its clients manage and service their financial assets throughout the investment lifecycle. The company provides services for institutions, corporations and individual investors across 36 countries and more than 100 markets.

Their requirement

BNY Mellon wanted to engage with both existing and prospective investors with the twin targets of getting them to use up their full ISA allowance before the 6 April deadline and make the most of their next year’s allowance – by investing in a BNY Mellon ISA.

What we delivered

Given that investors have a number of criteria they use for deciding where to place their money, we devised a direct mail campaign based on the theme ‘ISAs that tick all the boxes.’ This gave us the platform for illustrating the strengths of the BNY Mellon ISA offering: experience, expertise and a choice of funds to meet a range of investment objectives. The premium C4 mailing pack – comprising personalised covering letter with integrated application forms and a fund brochure organised by investment objective (income, growth or both) – presented a BNY Mellon ISA as the standout choice in a saturated market, at the same time as creating a sense of urgency to compel action.

The impact

This was BNY Mellon’s first direct marketing campaign delivered direct to the customer rather than through the intermediary channel. It was extremely well received internally and, crucially, generated £700,000 in new business and a very positive ROI.