BNY Mellon brand framework and guidelines

Investment manager BNY Mellon had a new corporate brand ad campaign, but no framework or guidelines for developing the campaign style into a consistent brand positioning across all communications to its retail audiences. So we stepped in to give them just that.

The client

A complex business with a number of different divisions and audiences, BNY Mellon is a leading global investments company that helps its clients manage and service their financial assets throughout the investment lifecycle. The company provides services for institutions, corporations and individual investors across 36 countries and more than 100 markets.

Their requirement

Having commissioned a new corporate ad campaign with a distinctive visual style, BNY Mellon were pleased with the results. However, they did not have guidelines for executing the campaign’s theme across other communications, and the UK retail team had an immediate requirement for a suite of collateral. Clearly, a robust brand framework was needed to ensure the corporate campaign style could be translated into a consistent brand positioning across all communications to all audiences.

What we delivered

Having recently developed various communications for the UK retail team (including re-launching their retail investor newsletter), we had already helped the brand deliver a more engaging positioning for retail audiences. So we were well positioned to deliver a robust brand framework by aligning the design elements we had already introduced with the new corporate campaign style. The framework sets out a hierarchy of communications and provides clear instructions on the appropriate use of colour, typography, graphics and imagery. It also includes a suite of design elements that can be used to create visual interest whilst reinforcing the brand identity.

The impact

The framework was very well received by internal stakeholders, including the design team. It was immediately deployed in the development of a retail customer presentation and a retail fund range brochure.