Video Capabilities

Despite the growing number of channels for communicating with today's time-poor, demand-rich B2B audiences, engaging and persuading them is increasingly difficult. Which is why video has become such a powerful and effective medium. Through video we can enable you to get your message across, succinctly and persuasively.


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You may be looking to raise the profile of your brand, deliver a tailored proposition to a specific audience, demo a product or motivate your sales teams. Whatever your objectives, we’ll use our creative and production skills to create an effective video that drives positive responses from your audience.

It’s not news that technology has changed the way individuals are consuming products and services. Smartphones and tablets not only ensure content is always readily available, but also enable it to spread faster and wider. Given today’s expectations for bite-sized, quickly-consumed information, video has long moved beyond the sphere of young consumer audiences. The majority of B2B buyers want readily-available information that they can access at their leisure. (In fact, they’re often halfway to making their decision before they’ve even spoken to you.)

With business leaders and senior executives watching online video to inform their buying decisions, you need to be sure you’re giving them the right content. At Mabox, we’re particularly good at developing propositions and creating content that resonates with business buyers – and video is one of the ways we can help get your message out there.

We can create cut-through videos and transform your existing content into video format to equip you with messaging that compels the responses you want. And it’s not just prospective buyers who we can help you reach through video – it’s your existing customers, internal stakeholders and influencers too.

When you work with defined objectives, compelling content and the right format, video is a high-impact way of showcasing information. And it’s a sharing-friendly medium that can get your message spread quickly and easily throughout a business, a market and even a sector.

Whether you want to reach external or internal audiences, at a corporate or campaign level, our highly-skilled creative, production and editing teams can manage the whole process – from conception through to post production – giving your brand, product or service proposition compelling cut-through.