We think there's a simple reason why we're repeatedly nominated for content marketing awards: since we first set up shop, we've been passionate in our belief that B2B marketing success is largely about having something genuinely relevant and useful to say to your audiences. We can help you make your content king.

Anyone can generate content, and anyone can share it. What’s not so straightforward – and what will set your content marketing strategy apart – is understanding both what matters to your audience and how best to deliver it.

Get your strategy right and your content marketing can elevate your brand to thought-leader status, create connections and on-going dialogue with your customers, encourage them to recommend you to their peers, and boost your SEO.

Our strategic experts work with you to understand the issues affecting the markets you operate in. Depending on the complexity of your needs, we can focus on a specific issue or run a workshop with key members of your business to delve deeper. But, however complex your market, it’s important that you have a point of view. And that’s where our expertise is particularly valuable. We can help you define and articulate your point of view so that your whole business is aligned and driven by a consistent and compelling standpoint.

Having a credible and authoritative point of view earns you the right to talk to your audiences about your proposition. So we help you develop strong propositions in direct response to your audiences’ challenges and pain points; then we tailor these messages to appeal to different decision-makers with different agendas.

As well as helping you generate content based on your point of view, we can commission research and thought leadership white papers from industry analysts.

We can help you distribute that content in a multitude of ways. One of the strengths of good content is that it can be repackaged and recycled in different formats to reach different audiences. From a white paper, an opinion piece, an infographic or a best-practice guide, you can also create downloadable assets, a webinar, a Slide Share or a video. We can help you develop the delivery programme that will resonate most effectively with your audiences.

And we can help you measure the impact and ROI of your content marketing. We’ll agree with you up front what success looks like – from improved SEO and an increase in traffic to your website through to new sales engagements – and then set the appropriate KPIs measure to it.