Branding & Design

Whether you have a new business, product or service and you need to create a brand identity that resonates with your target audiences, or your proposition or portfolio has expanded and you need to realign your brand to reflect the development, we can help you establish a compelling and differentiated positioning.

From defining where you sit in your market, to articulating what it is that sets you apart from your competitors and identifying why your audiences – both external and internal – should care, we create branding that delivers business value. And whether it’s your business as a whole or a specific proposition relating to one part of your offering, we bring all our skills to bear.

If you’ve got an increasingly disparate set of products or services that need reigning in, we know how to pull them all together into a single framework with a common DNA that reinforces the overall potency of your brand.

We can create your visual identity, define your tone of voice, articulate your key messages and produce implementation guidelines for every scenario. In short, we can help you communicate your brand identity consistently to achieve positive recognition and responses.

With design skills across every channel – including print, digital, video and experiential – we ensure your brand comes alive in every environment. Whether it’s a brochure or a website, an ad or a video, an exhibition display or seminar content, we’ll make sure your brand shines through.

And if your hands are tied with existing brand guidelines, we’ll show you how to inject energy into even the most seemingly restrictive framework.