A campaign that ticks all the boxes

A campaign that ticks all the boxes

19 December 2012

Mabox have worked with client The Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon), to deliver this year's ISA campaign. BNY Mellon is a global financial services company and is the largest deposit bank in the world. It provides asset management services through a number of asset management companies to institutional investors.

Mabox was asked to deliver an ISA direct mail campaign which enforced the urgency of making the most of their ISA allowance before the April 2012 deadline. It also aimed to target non-ISA customers who may be interested in extending their financial portfolio.

We were targeting a relatively financial savvy audience who were likely to receive a large amount of marketing communications and collateral, particularly in the run up to April. We therefore had to engage our audience and ensure we could cut-through the competing collateral.

Mabox developed a new campaign theme  'ISAs that tick all the boxes', that incorporated a new design for the direct mail piece, covering letter and application form. We wanted to demonstrate an empathy with the target audience's financial needs and priorities, without making assumptions as to what those priorities are, or should be. We wanted to speak to them in a frank and non-condescending way with a tone that reflected the brand personality  credible, authoritative and professional.

As well as giving the campaign a new creative theme, we used a much weightier stock which gave the DM a brochure like premium feel, and used a die cut design to stand out from our competitors.

The campaign was extremely well received and generated a number of responses providing a positive ROI. To find out more about the campaign or how Mabox can help you, call us on 020 8735 9111