The Art of Negative Space

The Art of Negative Space

15 January 2016

In the shipping industry, where ships, waves and blue are the de facto creative treatment across many brands, it is sometimes hard to create designs that stand out among the many industry trade journals.

Given a recent brief from Marine Software to develop a new series of adverts, we were keen to use the technique of negative space to create a design to stand out in the crowded shipping market, whilst getting across a key marketing message.

To develop the central creative device of the advert we simply used a key to get across Marine’s Software proposition “Simplicity is the key to success”, and created a silhouette of a ship in the negative space to link the creative back to the shipping industry. We think it works quite well, but judge for yourself here.

Negative space is quite often used by designers to incorporate multiple meanings in to their logo designs, have a look at some of the designs here, my favourite of all time is Toblerone's, can you see an animal in the mountain?